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The links listed on this page are resources for you to use in your daily life. Whether you are a raw foodist, a vegan or simply trying to live a more natural lifestyle, these sites can offer support and information on your journey.

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  Raw and Live Food
100 Days to Raw
Samantha's blog of her more than 100 days to raw food living
105 Degrees Academy, The
Classically structured raw and living foods educational center
A Bitt of Raw
Documenting my life and growth to better health
Adirondack Raw Food Connection
Adventures in Raw Fooding in the Forever Wild Adirondacks
Adventures of Raw Goddess Healthy
Heathy's raw life and all her adventures in the kitchen and around the world!

Alissa Cohen
Alissa Cohen's raw website - great resource!

Alive! Restaurant
San Francisco CA raw restaurant
Alive and Raw
Workshops, catering, and more
All About Juicing
All Raw Directory
Community-run raw food directory

All Raw Times

All the Way Live Cafe
Cafe in Philadelphia, PA by Empress Nyeisha
Annette Larkins
Author of "Journey to Health"
Ann Wigmore Institute
Arnold's Way
Healthy Living and Healing Through Raw Foods
Audrey's Pleasure Foods
Raw cookies, veggie bars and chips
Awesome to be Rawsome
One woman living the raw food lifestyle
Baking for Health
Source for raw and live food snacks
Baltimore Life Foods Network
Baltimore MD - provides a network of people,  information, and services in Live/raw foods, as well as support and resources

Beautiful on Raw
The Ultimate Guide to Revealing Beauty and Reversing Aging through Raw Foods 

Best of Raw Food, The
Site of Esme Stevens, founder of Raw Food Europe
Brigette Mars
Herbalist, Author, and Raw Chef
Cafe Gratitude
San Francisco CA: raw cafe
Call 4 Raw
Source for coop prices on bulk foods and equipment
Caravan of Dreams
New York Vegan Restaurant serving raw or cooked vegan foods/juices 
Carrot Juice
Carrot juice resource - recipes, nutritional and dietary facts, faq, and more
Celestial Raw Goddess
San Diego CA gourmet living foods cuisine
Message forum about hemp
Chef Suzanne Alex Ferrara
Founded two vegetarian restaurants, a health-food store, and a food column and is a gourmet raw food chef
Chive Talking
Site of Jenna Borum, a flexitarian foodie with a raw twist
Choosing Raw
Information, tips and personal reflections from a raw foodist living in New York City
San Diego CA: organic, vegan and 100% raw restaurant
Comfortably Raw
Raw recipes, book reviews, and more
Costa Rica Raw Farm Community
Looking for people to purchase shares in a raw farm community in Costa Rica; desire to create a group of farms guided by the lifestyle principles of naturalism, vegetarianism, organic practices, permaculture, and self sustainable systems.
Creative Health Institute
Often called "The Wheatgrass Place;" a natural health learning center which provides a natural program of body purification, nutrition and rejuvenation through the use of fresh raw fruits, vegetables, juices, nuts, sprouted seeds, grains, beans, chlorophyll rich greens and wheat grass juice
Raw food, raw pleasure, raw discovery
Daily Raw Cafe, The
My raw foods recipe collection
David "Avocado" Wolfe
Raw food nutritionist, author

Dr. Douglas Graham
Site of Raw Athlete, Dr. Douglas Graham

Dr. Fred Bisci
Nutritional guidance: raw foods, cooked foods, whole foods
Dr. John's VitaCrisp Crackers
Wheat-free, vegan, raw and sprouted crackers
Durian Online
Information, recipes, photos
Durian Palace
All you wanted to know about the exotic fruit, Durian
Eat In the Raw
Eat It
Canada's Online Organic Food Store
Eat Raw
Source for raw foods
Eat Raw Food

Eat Sprouts

Journalers, photos in progress, a raw forum, links, book recommendations
Minnesota 100% organic, Vegan Raw restaurant & Eco-Shop selling natural, non-toxic home and body goods.
Enjoying Life Raw
Information on Raw from the Library of Awareness
Essential Living Foods
Source for organic raw food products  
Euphoria Loves Rawvolution
Neven Jones' raw blog
Exotica Gourmet
San Diego CA living food catering
Farm at San Benito, The
Hippocrates Health Resort of Asia
Foods Alive
Foods Naturally
Natural Food and Healthy Living Store

Fountain of Youth Secrets

Frederic Patenaude
Raw foodist, author, magazine publisher
Fresh Life Sprouter

Fresh Network, The

From SAD to RAW
My journey to lose weight...and gain me.
Fruit and Nut Research & Information Center
To aid coordination and dissemination of University of California (UC) research-based information, accomplishments, and statewide research and extension activities related to fruit and nut crops.

Fruit Pages, The

International meeting point for people who eat raw fruit only
Fruitarian Network

Fruitarian Vibes

Fruitarian Worldwide Network

Fruit Nut
Website of Mango, a self described "Ethical Vegan Raw Food Fruitarian"
Funky Raw

Garden Diet, The
Home of Jingee and Storm, long-time raw foodists 

Garden of Health

Gene Younger's Blog
Give It To Me Raw
Community for people who love raw food
Girls in the Fresh
A raw foods and lifestyle blog
Go Juvo
Dedicated to the science of healthy living––naturally, creator of low-fat, low-calorie and all-natural raw meal
Go Raw Cafe
Las Vegas Nevada living cuisine and juice bar
Goddess of the Garden
Site of Tiffany, raw foodist
Going Bananas Blog
Just a girl trying to change her life, living on fruit and greens only
Gone Raw
Good Mood Food
Ursula Horaitis, offers an "uncook-service" as a "Rent-a-Chef for GoodMoodFood" - chef, caterer
Gourmet Greens
Specializing in fresh wheat grass, soil grown greens, and wheat grass juicers
Govinda Fitness Foods
Greatest Diet in the World, The
Karen Curinga, Author, Speaker, Consultant and Advocate of a Plant-Based Food Way of Living
Green Smoothie Girl
Green Smoothies Blog
Blog by Victoria Boutenko
Green Sun Healing
Grezzo Restaurant
Raw restaurant in Boston, MA, run by Alissa Cohen
Hallelujah Acres
The Hallelujah Dietsm is a long-term lifestyle plan, based on God's original instructions to mankind in Genesis 1:29, that emphasizes the importance of raw, living plant foods and their juices.

Harmonious Living

Hear Me Raw!
A vegan's journey through the land of raw food

High Vibe
Nutritional counseling and coaching, information, support, supplies, recipes, lectures

Hippocrates Health Centre of Australia
His Healing Ways
Website of raw foodist, Dale Wing - tutorials, photos, recipes, more
Horseradish Information Council
Facts, tips and information about horseradish
How to Become a Fruitarian
I Beat Obesity
Health information and more
InBloom Foods
San Francisco CA gourmet raw food delivery service
Infusion of Life
live now, laugh much, eat raw
International Raw and Living Foods Association
Supporting raw and living foods research and existing Raw and Living Food communities worldwide
International Raw Food Meet-Up
Meet up with other local people interested in the raw food diet and lifestyle.
International World-Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms
Dedicated to helping those who would like to volunteer on organic farms internationally
In the Raw
Culinary delights and healthy insights of a living foods diet
IntuitArt: My Adventures in Raw Foodism
Personal raw website of raw foodist, Deborah Robinson
Intuition Info
Personal raw website of raw foodist, Kimberly
Jodi Mardesich
A weeklong journal from a raw foodist
Juice Fasting
Juice fasting site for health and weight loss from a spiritual perspective

Juliano's Raw Restaurant
CA raw restaurant by Raw food chef, Juliano 

Julie's Raw Ambition
Digest of a natural foods gourmet and well-being enthusiast
Just Eat An Apple
Raw food diet magazine
Raw food chef, Joseph Custer
Karyn's Fresh Corner & Inner Beauty Center
Chicago IL raw restaurant, day spa
Kathy Feldman
Creator of Raw Crunch - handmade Raw bars
KJ Living Lively
All you ever wanted to know, and then some, about losing the last ten pounds.
Kristen's Raw
Living Foods, Longer Life
Leaf Cuisine
Culver City CA raw restaurant
Leslie Kenton
Life Food

LifeForce Foods
Burke Bryant & Leo Miller, creators of gourmet raw, Vegan foods 

Profiles of people that are active in the live-food community, people's stories, quotes from various people
Live Food Factor
Live Foods Sun Child
Kwatamani Holistic Institute of Brain Body & Spiritual Research & Dev., Inc.
Live in Health
Site of Tasha Ann, Raw Foodist
Live Journal's Raw Foods Community
Online raw food community
Live Journal's Uncooked Foods Community
Online raw food community
Livin Spoonful
Providing fresh, organic vegan raw foods to people who want to bring more living foods into their diet.
Living Food Films
Educational, documentary-style videos regarding the superior health benefits derived from Vegan Vegetarian, and Raw, Living Food consumption


Living Foods Institute
Educational training center devoted to teaching "The Living Foods Lifestyle" (originally developed by Ann Wigmore) 
Living Harvest
Source for hemp seed products
Living Light Culinary Arts Institute
Offers Certification Courses in Raw Vegan Culinary Arts for Individuals, Chefs and Teachers
Living Nutrition Magazine
Living Tree Community Foods
Source for organically grown foods
Living Vegetarian
Local Harvest
Maintains a definitive and reliable "living" public nationwide directory of small farms, farmers markets, and other local food sources
Lombard Coffeeshop
San Francisco, CA vegetarian cafe, specializing in raw vegetarian cuisine
L.O.V.E. Raw
Kim and Sean, raw foodists - raw stories, recipes, and more
Loving Foods
Loving Raw
Philip McCluskey, a man who went from 400 pounds to 200 pounds - this is his weight loss success story
Malibu Raw
Malibu CA: organic raw vegan enlightenment club
Margo's Raw Life
Margo and her family go from SAD to Raw
Mark Rieger's Fruit Crop
Mom's Raw
From fast food to fresh food
Mona Grayson's Choosing Love
Blog on juice feasting and more
Movement to Reverse Diabetes Naturally, The
Bringing together people from around the world in a Movement to Reverse Diabetes Naturally through the spreading of educational resources on nutrition
My Raw Food Blog
Support and information place for those joining/being the rawfood movement; focus is the effects of eating over half of ones calories from raw veggies and fruits
My Raw Vegan Journey
Ra-Chell's raw vegan journey
Mysore Magic
Jaime's website created to share two bits of magic: the raw food diet and Ashtanga yoga. Both have helped uncover the magic inside me to heal.
Nappy Rawkin's NatRawblog
Just another Nappy Rawkin taking a shot at life 
Natural Light Raw Foods
Articles, recipes, successes, products, and more
Natural Living Cuisine
Exploring organic raw vegan food for raw food enthusiasts
Natural Zing
Source for raw, organic, vegetarian food and health products
Nature's Healthy Food Lifestyles
Site exploring "why raw foods" - raw recipes, raw pet health, FAQs
Nourishing You
Raw Food preparation, training and eating plans
One Lucky Duck
Resource for the ultimate raw and organic lifestyle
Pamela's Raw Organic Candy
Source for live raw candy
Permaculture & Raw Food Community

Paul Nison
Site of Raw foodist, Paul Nison

Planet Raw
Juliano's Raw site
Positively Raw
Cheryl's blog --- she's positive that going raw is one of the best things she has ever done for the health of her body
Pretty Smart Raw Food Ideas
Blog of Margaret Gamez, who is on a 90 day raw food journey
Pure Jeevan
Site of Wendi and Jim, raw foodists offering a holistic approach for transforming yourself

Pure Joy Living Foods

Pure Raw Cafe
Dallas TX living foods cafe
Pure Raw Project, The
For Pure Living & Raw Eating Artists
Purely Delicious Magazine
Quintessence Restaurant & Catering
New York City raw Vegan restaurant
Rachelle Beauxje
Professionally trained raw food chef and instructor
Radical Radiance
Raw foodist, Courtney Pool, community/staff member of Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, founded by Gabriel Cousens
Raw Action Web
Network of living/raw foodists dedicated to sharing the abundance of living and raw foods with the world

Raw and Juicy
Curing disease naturally with raw foods

Raw Athlete, The
Raw Bakery, The
Bronx NY natural living foods company
Raw Food Society of British Columbia
Raw Buddy
Helping raw people connect for mutual support
Raw Buzz, The
Mid-Missouri's Raw and Living Foods Network
Raw Cacao
Raw organic cacao (raw chocolate) lover's website
Raw City Life
Jules' raw site
Raw Cuisine
Washington DC raw community
Raw Delight
journal of one family’s journey into the raw food lifestyle
Raw Dish
Wellness and awareness advancing website devoted to the living foods lifestyle
Raw Divas, The
Raw food solutions for women
Raw Dogs
Information about feeding your dog raw food
Blog of Shannonmarie, who enjoys preparing raw foods and sharing her healthy lifestyle with others

Raw Energy
Organic Juice Cafe in Berkeley CA

Raw Epicurean
Site of Ingrid Weithers-Barati, raw food advocate with a blog focused on natural wholesome food prepared raw

Raw Family   

Raw Food Academy
Raw food website of the Netherlands, Europe
Raw Food Australia
Raw food site for Australia

Informational hub designed specifically for the new and transitioning raw foodie

Raw Food Boot Camp
Raw Food Diet Secrets
Shares individual experiences, provides resources for the raw food community, and helps people who are new to raw foods
Raw Food Digest
Blog of Alicia Davis, raw vegan
Raw Food Explained
Raw Food for Life
How one person reversed Chronic Fatigue, Leaky Gut and Thyroid Disease on a raw food diet.
Raw Food for Real People
Raw Food Friends
Dating and networking for raw food vegans
Raw Food Guide
Provides you with the best selection of local, national and international information, courses, products and services about Raw Vegetarian Food
Raw Food Health
Raw Food Health Tips
Site of raw food enthusiast, Justin
Raw Food Homepage

Raw Food Info

Raw Food Life
Robert Alan Ross, Raw Living Food Nutrition (Consulting, Public Speaking, Teaching)
Raw Food Living

Raw Food Network

Raw Food News
Raw Food Planet
A state-by-state & world directory ... featuring over 1,000 raw food lifestyle resources
Raw Food Rehab
An excellent raw site with articles, photos, blogs and more
Raw Food, Right Now
Site of raw foodists, Heidi and JS Ohlander, helping eople learn how to better integrate raw food into their daily life
Raw Food Success Blog
News, recipes and videos; site of Annet van Dorsser
Raw Food Support
Largest community on the internet dedicated to educating the world about the power of living and raw foods
Raw Food Talk
Alissa Cohen's site dedicated to the 30-day Raw food challenge
Raw Food Teacher
Janine Henkle's raw food site
Raw Food Travels
Site of raw retreats and travels by Annette
Raw Food Vegan
Site of Colette Kenney - raw solutions for real people; fitness, nutrition & longevity coaching
Raw Food Venues
Comprehensive directory of Raw-food and vegan/vegetarian venues from around the world (hosted by Raw-Pleasure)
Raw Food Videos
Streaming videos over the internet, regular videos and DVDs about raw foods and the raw food lifestyle.
Raw Food Wiki
Raw site where everyone can collaborate on the content
Raw Food World
Raw Foods

Raw Foods News Magazine
An online newsmagazine founded in March 2001 featuring authoritative info, breaking news, and fun interactive features on the raw vegan lifestyle.

Raw for 30 Days
The movie "Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days"
Raw for Life
Arizona - offers support for the raw foods lifestyle via potlucks, retreats, workshops, private instruction, consultations, kitchen appliances, books, etc.
Raw Freedom
Southern California Raw Vegan site
Raw Freedom Community
Raw Friends
Raw from the Farm
Nuts, seeds, green foods, etc, from local farmers



Raw Glow
Site of raw foodist, Cecilia Benjumea

Raw Gourmet, The

Raw Health

Raw Heaven
Raw Hike
Doug Walsh’s hike from Mexico to Canada to promote raw food
Raw In Ten
Ingunn's raw blog
Making healthy sexy
Rawket Science
It's not rocket science. The art of raw living
Rawk Star Cafe
Raw vegan organic eatery and superfood marketplace located in Palm Harbor, FL
Raw Learning
Site for people interested in feeding their pets a raw diet

Raw Life

Raw Life Line
Shipped raw meals
Raw Lifestyle Coach
Raw Living Foods Lifestyle
Raw foodist, Jim Carey
Corin Stephenson's jam packed raw foods website
Raw Maine
Raw food community in Maine
Where learning about and preparing raw food is easy and exciting.
Raw Model
Raw model, Anthony Anderson
Raw Mom
Fresh thinking for healthy families
Raw Oils
Fresh, Organic, Unrefined, Nut and Seed Health Oils
Raw on $10 a Day (or Less!)
How to go raw without going broke
Raw Pagans
Personal website joining the two worlds of Paganism and Raw Foodism
Raw Passion
Raw Pleasure
Raw food directory, recipes, and more
Raw Plus
Community forum for raw foodists
Raw Portland
Forum for raw foodists and those interested in learning more about the raw foods lifestyle in the greater Portland area. 
Raw Princess Studio
Raw Foods Lifestyle and other princess-y things.
Raw Reform
Angela Stokes' journey to lose weight through Raw foods
Raw Retreat
Raw Rob
Site of Rob Hull of London, England
Raw School
Website of Raw foodist, Nora - provides new and aspiring raw fooders with the tools they need to make the mental, emotional and lifestyle adjustments that are necessary for long-term success on a raw food diet
Raw Seattle
Seattle WA Raw Foods Community
Rawsome! Cafe
Tempe, AZ: Organic, raw, Vegan cuisine
Raw Soul
New York NY raw food catering and food service
Raw Spirit
Matt Monarch, Raw foodist/educator/author
Raw Step-by-Step
Raw food website of Sharon Oliver
Raw Food Seminars
Raw Teacher
Alissa Cohen's certification courses
Raw Tidbits
Kathy's raw food journey
Raw Times
Raw Trainer
San Diego living/raw foods fitness trainer
Raw Treats
Raw Vegan
Created by Frédéric Patenaude, raw author and publisher 
Raw Vegan Diet
Raw Vegan Network, The
Online certification course and support network
Raw Vegan Radio
Raw vegan radio show online, information on raw food diet, audio encyclopedia on the living foods lifestyle
Raw Vegan Recipes
Resource for raw vegan recipes
Raw Veg Janie's
Janie's Journey to Raw...
Los Angeles CA raw organic living cuisine delivery service
Raw Way, The
Collection of raw foods diet resources
Raw World
Raw Zion
Spiritual approach to raw foods
Real Food Tulsa
Keeping things REAL...One bite at a time!
Real Men Eat Raw
Dennis Clark's Amazing Raw Food Journey
Real Raw Food
Real Raw Food Distributor of Organically Grown Truly Raw Food in Canada
Rene Oswald
Author of Transitioning to Living Cuisine
Revitalive Health & Wellness
Living foods healing and education center located north of Boston
Rock 'N Raw
Natural revolution
Rockinmom's Blog
Larkspur CA raw take out service
Sara's Online Raw Journal
Journal of one Raw foodist
Screaming Poodles
365 Days to a Happier, Healthier, More Beautiful Me
Secret Chef
Raw food information
Seed Live Cuisine
Los Angeles CA source for mouth-watering, healthy organic living vegan food
Sergei and Valya Boutenko
Siblings and raw foodists

Shazzie's site

Simply Raw
Ottawa, Canada: potlucks, support, consultations, workshops, recipes & more.
Simply Rawsome
SmartMonkey Foods
Source for Vegan, raw and living cuisine
Some Like it Raw
Oak Park IL: A personal chef service by Vanessa Sherwood
Sprout Cafe
Sprout House, The
Organic Sprouting Seeds
Sprouting 101
Information about sprouting seeds
Sproutman Steve Meyerowitz is one of the world's leading proponents of sprouting, juicing, fasting, wheat grass, indoor gardening, raw foods, and pure water.
Sprout People
Sprouting Seeds and Supplies
Sprout Raw Food
Offers classes, private consultations, gourmet raw recipes, community connections, and a variety of raw food items and equipment for purchase
Steve Pavina
Blog about his 30-day trial of the low-fat raw food diet
Superbeing Diet, The
One person's experience with the raw diet 
Tanisha Marshall
Tanisha's journey from SAD to RAW
Tanya's Raw Journey
Personal website of Tanya's raw journey
Taste of the Goddess Cafe
West Hollywood CA raw cafe
Thrive on Live
Blog of someone using a primarily raw and living food diet to heal herself of a number of health issues
Tom's Raw Foods Blog
All Raw Foods Diet Transition Journal
Total Raw Food
Site of Jess Michael, Raw lifestyle coach

Transformation Institution

Transitional Raw Foodist, The 

Tree of Life Foundation
To create a living experience of spiritually awakened, sustainable, healthy living for the individual and the planet.
Trip to Bountiful
Journal of Transition to Rawdom
Tuliza is Vegan and Raw
Tuliza's blog
Site of raw foodists, Ronnie and Minh
UK Centre for Living Foods
Uncooked Food
Raw food resource
Unprocess Me
30 day unprocessed food experiment
Urban Forage
Juice, tea and live food cafe
Viktoras Kulvinskas
Father of the Raw food movement 
Vital Creations
Raw Food Chef, Chad Sarno
Weekly OCD, The
Blog of Erin, embarking on a 90 day living food
We Like it Raw
Raw Food Goodness by Dhrumil Purohit
Wellsphere's Raw Food Community

Wholistic Raw
Telephone and email consultations for anyone embarking on the raw path

Wild Foodist at Heart
Get your groove on with living food!
Wildman Steve Brill
Learn About Foraging with Naturalist "Wildman" Steve Brill
Women Go Raw
Women Go Raw RV tour is a video project designed to document the impact that raw food is having on women's health and women's lives in the U.S.
Yahoo! Discussion Groups for Raw Food
VERY long list of Yahoo! Discussion Groups for every possible Raw food interest you might have
Yummy Raw Kitchen
Nikki's awesome raw blog, what a chocolatier!

  Recommended Sources
Anderson Almonds
Organic raw almonds
Bariani Olive Oil
Stone crushed, cold-pressed, unfiltered olive oil
Champion Juicer
Juicer for juicing fruits and veggies, making fruit "ice cream" and more!
Date People, The
Many varieties of fresh, raw dates - Niland CA - phone 760-359-3211 --- no website - link is to information on what they offer
Evert-Fresh Bags
Fruits and vegetables stay fresh longer
Excalibur Dehydrator
Most widely used dehydrator in the raw foods community
Frontier Natural Products Coop
Source for organic herbs, spices and oils
Garden of Life
Unrefined coconut oil

Gold Mine Natural Food Co.
Nama Shoyu, Miso

Grain and Salt Society, The
Source for celtic sea salt 
Great Eastern Sun
Source for Miso
Green Power
Versatile juice extractor which keeps our health even under the polluted environment by providing a variety of natural nutritive substances
Green Star
Source for the Green Star Juicers
Jaffe Brothers
Source for nuts, seeds, dried fruits
Manitoba Harvest
Source for hemp foods and oils
Source for organic hemp and flax foods
Rejuvenative Foods
Organic natural food, health food
Sun Organic Farm
Organic grains, nuts, seeds and more
Tropical Traditions
Unrefined coconut oil
Official site of the Vita-Mix juicer (order from here and get free shipping; email me your order confirmation - I'll send you a free gift)

  Vegetarian & Vegan
Au Lac
Fountain Valley CA Vegetarian Restaurant

Beyond Vegetarianism
Reports from veterans of vegetarian and raw-food diets, veganism, fruitarianism, and instinctive eating, plus new science from paleolithic diet research and clinical nutrition

Bonobo's Vegetarian
New York City NY vegetarian restaurant with raw choices
Calendula Cafe
Portland OR: A Natural Cafe, Fine Vegetarian Dining
Central City Co-op
Houston TX, produce, un-bakery, organic fresh juices, and more
Cilantro Live!
Coconut Oil
Source for research on the health benefits of coconut oil.
Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)
Organic farming, permaculture, biodynamic farming - find one in your area
Compassionate Cooks
Dedicated to empowering people to make informed food choices and to debunking myths about vegetarianism and animal rights
Cool Vegan
gathering place for vegans to connect and learn about vegan recipes, links, games, merchants
Coop America
Practical steps for using your consumer and investor power for social change
Eat Healthy!!! Be Happy!!! Vegan Recipes
Eat Vegetarian
Euphoria Cafe
European Vegetarian Union, The
An "umbrella" organization for most vegetarian groups in Europe; supports vegetarian groups and activists in Europe to accomplish their goals and to provide a European perspective to vegetarianism
Fresh Food Central
Go Veggie
educating individuals on the benefits of vegetarianism for human health, our environment, and the well-being of all life on our planet
Going Bananas
5 acre nursery/grove in Homestead, Florida devoted to growing banana plants, lychee and longan trees
Good Mood Food
Happy Cow
Global Guide to Vegetarian Restaurants (and health food stores)  
International Vegetarian Union
A non-profit making organization with membership open to any non-profit organization whose primary purpose is to promote vegetarianism and is governed exclusively by vegetarians.
Kung Food
Leaf Cuisine
Love Veggies and Yoga
Vegan & Raw Food Enthusiast. Chocolate Lover. Gluten, Dairy & Soy Avoidant. Runner. Yoga Teacher. Athlete. Wife. Mother. Striking a Healthy Balance in Food, Fitness, & Life.
Mad Cowboy
Howard Lyman, former cattle rancher-turned-vegetarian and food safety activist, who revealed how the cattle industry potentially exposed Americans to Mad Cow Disease by feeding cows the remains of live animals
National Health Association
Non-profit organization that promotes the benefits of a plant-based diet.
Nature's Path
Source for Manna bread (not raw, but organically made - good for a healthy cooked choice)
Not Milk
Information on why we shouldn't drink milk
Nutrition Lifestyles
Optimum Health Institute
Offers a learning experience designed to retrain your mind, rebuild your body which will allow one to find their own spiritual path.
Organic Athlete
Organic Authority
Organic food, organic living
Organic Garden Cafe
Organic Wellness
Peas and Thank You
A veggie mom raising her kids right
Real Food Daily
Vegan Eating Out
Excellent source for vegan choices while dining out
Vegetarian Travel Guide, The

  General Health & Wellness
Art of Living Well
Provides support, information and instruction to those seeking a natural approach to living well
Colon Hydrotherapists Network, The
Information on colon hydrotherapy, help finding a hydrotherapist in your area

Colonic Health
Information on Colonic Health

Colonic Health Advice
Information on Colonic Health
Colonic Network, The
Network of hydrotherapists, Q&A, equipment
Coop America
Practical steps for using your consumer and investor power for social change
Cure Zone
Educating instead of Medicating
Dancing Butterfly Enterprises
Devoted to building an ever-expanding community of vibrant beings that embrace a healthy lifestyle
Doctors Are Dangerous
Site of Elaine Hollingsworth, Director of the Hippocrates Health Centre of Australia 
Dr. Lorraine Day
Discusses Natural, Alternative Therapies for all Diseases, including Cancer and AIDS
Dr. Stanley Bass
Natural Hygeine Doctor
Dry Skin Brushing
Information about dry skin brushing 
Dry Skin Brushing
More information about dry skin brushing
Charitable organization set up to provide education about living and working in simple, natural, sustainable and healthy ways
Environmental E Magazine
Information resource and interactive community site for people suffering from a range of chronic illnesses
Environmental Illness Resource, The
Information resource and interactive community site for people suffering from chronic illnesses, such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalopathy (ME/CFS), Fibromyalgia, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), and allergies
Hands-on Education in Sustainable Living
Forks Over Knives
The feature film Forks Over Knives examines the profound claim that most, if not all, of the degenerative diseases that afflict us can be controlled, or even reversed, by rejecting our present menu of animal-based and processed foods.
Gluten-Free Vegan Family
Julie Lynn's blog of the gluten-free, vegan foods she feeds her family
Green People
Directory of eco-friendly products
Happy Herbalist
Source for how to make Kombucha tea, among other things
Healing for Bliss
Wholistic health organization: education and health services in the areas of diet and lifestyle, energetic and emotional healing
Healthful Living International
Natural hygiene organization
Hemp Industries Association
Represents the interests of the Hemp Industry, encourages research/development of new hemp products
Matthew Grace
Speaks on topics of "AIDS" Hoax, Natural Hygiene, Overcoming Dis-ease, Raw Food and Living According to the Laws of Nature
Mother Earth News
Environmental magazine promoting renewable energy, recycling, family farms, saner agricultural practices, better eating habits, medical self-care, more meaningful education, affordable housing

Natural Health Way
Articles and resources to unlock your innate powers of healing

Natural Health Web
Guide to Natural Health and Alternative Medicine
Optimum Health Institute
Offers a learning experience designed to retrain your mind, rebuild your body which will allow one to find their own spiritual path.
Super Size Me
Movie about the impact of the fast food industry on society
Vegan Diet, The
The ideal way of life, healthy, no weight problems, low cholesterol, tons of energy, preserving the planet & being cruelty free. What more could you ask?
Vegan Family Style
Debra's vegan family
USDA Nutrient Data Laboratory
Nutrient database, food composition, measurement conversion, nutritional information
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