Potato Chips

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2 large Idaho potatoes
whatever spices you like to make various types of chips (see below for possibilities)

Use a Spiral Slicer on the Radish garnish setting to slice the potatoes "paper-thin.". It will come out in long, stuck-together piles, which you will later separate (by hand) into nearly complete circles. 

Before separating the slices, place pile of potatoes in large tupperware bowl with spices. Cover and shake container until thoroughly coated. 

Use mesh sheets and lay potatoes out in single-layers, taking care not to overlap the potatoes. Dehydrate at 105 degrees for about 2 hours, or until desired crispness is achieved. 

Enjoy alone or with dip. 

** Hint - use more
salt than you might expect, as the potatoes soak up a lot of the salt and they end up not being enough like a potato chip. 

Ideas for spices: 

- by Michelle Reeves, From SAD to RAW

* Comments:
I tried making your potato chip recipe.   To keep it from getting gray, I soaked it in a brine of salt water with some vitamin C crystals (abscorbic acid).   I let them soak in the brine for about 5-10 minutes, and then I drained them on paper towels.   It really works!   They all turned a little tannish, with a few with spots. However I added WAY too much salt (sprinkled them with salt before dehydrating), thinking that I didn't want to undersalt it and it ended up too-too salty so I'm going to try it again next time without so much salt. - Sharon