Raw Yule Log Recipe

Yule log

Yule Log is a popular dessert usually served around the Christmas holidays. It is a sponge cake, made to resemble an actual Yule log.

This raw Yule Log recipe is, of course, a little different. But it’s no less delicious! As you’ll see, this dessert can be made in many different ways, so there’s no specific ingredients or quantities listed.


  • Raw organic nuts (mult. varieties)
  • Dried fruits
  • Fresh fruit
  • Raw organic almond butter
  • Organic carob powder

Recipe Instructions

  1. Use multiple varieties of raw organic nuts — a handful each of whatever kind you prefer — such as hazelnuts, cashews and almonds. Chop them up carefully. You can also add a good handful of raw organic ground almond (you can find this from the bulk section at most health food stores).
  2. Add dried fruits. For example: raw organic raisins, golden raisins, dried apricots, 4-6 figs, 4-6 Medjool dates.
  3. Add some fresh fruit. Blend up two fresh apricots, or a few strawberries, or a banana for instance and add.
  4. Add a big dollop of raw organic almond butter.
  5. Mix it all in a big bowl with a sturdy fork. If your dried fruits are too dry to cling together, you may have to moisten the mix with a few drops of fresh squeezed orange juice.
  6. On a piece of wax paper (kitchen parchment paper) form the mixture in the shape of a log. Sift raw organic carob powder through a tea strainer over the log and sprinkle ground almond over it.

And there it is — your Yule log! (Or raw-vegan xmas fruit cake.) Enjoy!